Desi Bhojan

Swagatham - Welcome to Desi Bhojan is a web based service which aims to provide fresh, healthy and nutritious Indian and Asian food delivery to the location of your choice. The service has been modeled after the famous meal delivery service of Mumbai, India.

Desi Bhojan is a brainchild of Austin & Grace Menezes. Both have extensive experience in the food service business. They founded Divine Cuisine catering business in Ocala, Florida.

It was during their time with Divine Cuisine that they identified the need of providing fresh, nutritious Indian food at affordable prices and so the idea for was born.

Desi Bhojan initially started with services in Ocala, Florida. The plans are to eventually expand it to other areas outside of the city and to other cities in Florida. Our box meal service is dedicated to making your next lunch or dinner a sumptuous affair.

We serve boxed meals to clients ranging from families, small businesses, educational and not-for-profit institutions, to large corporations. With backgrounds in high end restaurants and special event catering, we know that it is great service that sets us apart.

Our formula is a simple one:

Superior culinary standards + Operational excellence

Desi Bhojan  ~ Ocala, Florida : Phone : 352 274 9193 : 352 873 0315